My Very Favorite Place

My one favorite place doesn’t exist. It  is not my own home or my own bed, like many people my age would say. Rather, it is the places I get to experience the most changes, met the most people, and enhance my understanding. My favorite place is not only one destination, but the places I have been and those I plan to in the future.  They hold a special place in my heart, unlike any other.


It can be crazy realizing that my favorite places are the places I was running around all day and flying on a plane at 5am the next moring. Its even crazier when I started to realize that the places I felt most at home are the ones that I changed every few days. Going from apartment to apartment or from hotel to hotel was where I felt the best.

I’ve never liked to stay still, so that must be where this comes from. I can’t help but think at the same time, the reason I like these quick changes in places to stay is because moving so quickly allows for me to expand and learn more then I would staying in one place. I am lucky enough to  expands my horizon to something new every so often.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I have every so often to hop around the world and explore. I am also thankful for the people i have to do it with. They mean the world to me cause when you  travel with someone theres a whole new side you have not seen of them. And for that I am even more thankful.


My favorite place might not be one singular place, but in reality all the adventures stay in one heart.

-Love Chloe Rene💖