Monthly Archives: August 2017

Sayings I Live By

“Advice from Sea Turtles, Swim w/ the Current Be a Good Navigator Stay Clam Under Pressure Be Well Traved Think Long Term Age Gracefully Spend Time at the Beach” This is the most recent qoutes I have choosen to live by. I love Sea turtles. They spend their whole lives traveling and adventuring the   […]


I mention a lot about my travels outside of the states, but there have also been great travels to many places in the U.S. Most recently I have been to New Orleans, Dallas, and Nashville. I would love to go through and name every single place I have been to in the US, but I […]

Photographing Greece

Greece. A lovely land of sea and temples. I do not know of a better place to begin when posting pictures I have taken while traveling. I love to live life behind my professional camera as well as in front of it. Being a traveler means I document the places I have been for my […]

Photographing Paris,France

Paris is a lovely city full of culture and once in a lifetime experiences. This is why i was so excited to be going here last July. Although it was over 95 degrees in a city not meant for over 80, the pictures and experiences I was able to have are well worth the time. […]