Perspectives Upon Reflection Of My Second Biggest Advocacy.

You know. There really is not much to say, except maybe I should have written about this topic earlier. In all honesty, while it is not my first goal in life to solve the suicide problem within different communities, it would come in as close second. Even more so, one could argue it relates to my first love in life, the desire to change the inequalities leading to poverty. After experiencing three gut-wrenching suicides and even more through personal connections, I think it is time to look at death – even more so suicide – from the different perspectives I see in my own life. Taking each perspective piece by piece, eventually leading to why I believe suicide is one of the most prevalent situations surrounding the world around me.

Logical: We are about to get some data and numbers going. I did some research because, honestly, the process of doing such is kind of relaxing. Let’s just start with the most basic numbers within the United States. A 2019 report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that at least 12.0 million adults had serious thoughts about committing suicide during 2018. And even before 2018, the suicide rates had been rising since 1999. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reported that between 1999 and 2017, there was a 33% increase in the suicide rate. In other terms, the per capita rate changed from 10.5 per 100,000 to 14.0 per 100,000. Even more interesting, the distribution was not equal among ages or genders. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) proved this by providing research that proved that in 2018 the suicide rate among males was generally 3.7x the rate of females. By 2017, all age groups had seen an increase in suicide rates. Females within the age range of 45-64 and males within the age range of 75 and older saw the highest rate of any of the age groups (NCHS). As the COVID-19 epidemic has developed, many people have grown to struggle more with their mental health. The CDC reported that as of June 2020, there were elevated levels of adults struggling with “mental health conditions, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation.” All of this data leading to what I find to be the most interesting fact I have learned throughout my research tonight: In 2018, the Nation Institute of Mental Health reported that the number of suicides was over 2 1/2 times greater than the number of homicides within the United States. The last fact really struck me because if homicides are deemed worth our time to be looked at from an outsider’s perspective, why do we generally overlook suicides in comparison. Another fact from the National Center for Biotechnology Information stated that around 75% of suicides occur in countries considered Low and Middle Income or LMICs in which these areas face more poverty. However, since I am focusing specifically on my personal experiences, I think keeping things to the states might be a better option.

Faith: Death is a touchy subject for those of faith. It is a crucial factor in which makes every religion different. Throughout middle and high school, my bible studies never talked about suicide or death in general. I do not believe any of us Gals were ready for such a topic at 6am on a Tuesday morning before an 8 hour school day. Death in terms of the biblical context was never something I really wanted to learn about. It did not seem like something I really ever would face. After my best friend’s suicide in 2017, I became more curious about what the bible says and my own interpretations of the text. Two verses stand out in my head as I think about death.

“For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Lord God; so turn, and live.” – Ezekiel 18:32

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” – Psalm 34:18

I think what is interesting about these verses is that they focus on inverting our idea of death being darkness. Not that one should ignore the pain and grief they feel- because, in all honesty, that is probably the most healthy way to handle it- but rather to find the brightest star in the dimmest night. Grief is a valid emotion that can be turned around into something to make one better. It is the fault of grief that we get stronger and move on to hopefully make the world a better place. Without pain or sorrow, we would not know suffering, and to not know suffering is to not know where to start change.

Emotion: Somehow, this is the hardest. Maybe if the first boy I ever loved had not killed himself, this would be a more comfortable topic for me to think about emotionally. It is hard to put yourself back into the same shoes you were at 16 years old. I remember getting the DM from one of his friends, who recognized my name on Instagram, that Tyler had died on the way to the hospital after shooting himself the previous night. I looked down from the banister at my father and just broke into pieces, no words, just tears. There is no word to describe my life for the next few weeks after that or January 8th of every year. I searched frantically almost every night for a new piece of information, and to my disappointment, none really evolved. For me, the pain that hurt the most was that he had to feel the actual physical pain of it all. He had missed the mark just enough to keep him alive for part of the hospital ride. He had missed the mark just enough to lose consciousness in both physical and emotional pain. You lose so much when you lose one person in your life. You lose a conversation to have, a hug to feel, and a love to show. It is not something you regain quickly, and sometimes you do not regain it at all. After the suicide of my friend Joey during my junior year of high school, I attended his funeral with various mutual friends. There is nothing more devastating than attending a funeral and then being told by the family that “you were always so kind and welcoming to him”. It is one of those things that, by all means, I am grateful people see in me. Still, at the same time, it is hard to realize that being kind and welcoming is just not enough with the challenges many faces today. It is not enough to be the one standing next to a person on the sidelines cheering them on. By all means, being a cheerleader is great, but sometimes it is not what that person needs. You have to be the one to take action and show them just how much you care. Putting their desires over your own is an excellent way to start. It was not until recently that I discovered just how much putting someone else’s desires first actually saves both sides a lot of pain in the end. It is not something that comes naturally to people; sometimes, it is more natural to be selfish. In the case of Joey, I recognized that there were many friends even closer to him than I was, and my next step was to just reach out and just be there even if they did not need me or want me. It was not about how I felt or in what way I desired to be there for them. More so in my heart, it was about anyone I knew or had some sort of connection with to feel like they were not alone. Feeling alone is my actual worst worst worst fear, and even if it is not someone else’s, I would not want anyone to experience what I fear most.

To experience the loss of someone who changed who you as a person is not okay for anyone. By no means do I think suicide is the best means to an end, but unfortunately, it is a real one. It is one we all face at some point in our lives, whether in our own thoughts or those around us. Therefore, taking time to talk about it and bringing awareness to it is one of the best ways to maximize the opportunity for a better future. The more educated we can all get about our feelings, beliefs, and responsibilities related to suicide- or just death in general- the more prepared we can be for the next time we have to comfort a friend or ourselves.

Loves and Hugs!💖







What I Learned My First Semester of University.

Change is one of the only qualities in life we can expect to be unexpected. There is no plan the works out perfectly, which in my case led to an ever- changing first semester at Furman University. From early August to mid -November, I learned how to begin developing my life as a university student. I would never claim I became the perfect student through what I learned ,but it is certainly a start.

Lesson 1 : Get Involved, but not Overcommitted.

If you asked anyone who truly knew me my first semester at Furman what was one quality they has to describe me, “Busy” might have been one of the top responses. My classes ended by 11:30 everyday, which meant I had a lot of free-time ,so I thought. After joining over 10 organizations on campus, I felt as if my schedule was finally full enough to suppress my boredom. Little did I know that between time changes of these organizations would lead to an overbearing schedule, that started to become too complicated to balance social and academic life. It was not until the end of the semester when I saw my final GPA , that I realized how much my extra-circular life affected my academics. You just can not do it all.

Lesson 2 : Value your friendships while you have them. They will change.

You will find that friend that you can count on for anything, anytime, anywhere. I promise. But outside of that friend you have to accept the fact that everyone is still a college student going through changes of their own. Therefore, when your friends do change accept that. It might have to deal with drama (which you should work to fix before deciding wether or not it will work out) or maybe it was just too much time spent apart. Either way do not let it get you down because everyone faces it throughout their first semester at uni. When a friendship falls apart you should be upset ,but you should not regret the times you had with those people. You will never have moments like those moments again, so take them for their surface value at the least. A fun time with great people.

Friendships do not work without time commitment ,and it is something you need to calculate into your free time. Often, you will find yourself developing multiple groups of friends. While this is valuable since you are more likely than not going to be involved with different types of organizations on campus, having to many separate groups involves even more time management. If you create too busy of a schedule then it becomes too difficult to manage ,and you end up destroying friendships without meaning to no matter how much you valued that friendship.

Lesson 3 : You will not study enough if you only have one lonely study spot.

Some of the best advice I received upon arrive to Furman was to find your own study spot. What I did not realize is that only having one spot is not enough. Sometimes your spot is taken ,or you just become bored of it. On top of this, it never hurts to have a study buddy or few ,because in between focusing on assignments, you often find yourselves joking about how hard your classes are or some other thing going on in your lives. I would argue that study buddies are one of the best ways to help balance both your academic and social life if you know how to do it well. Just do not forget that the reason you are there is to get academic work done, so run your essays by each other.

Lesson 4 : Be okay with listening to yourself.

It is okay to struggle and recognize you are struggling. At any school like Furman, you are expected to be involved and excel in our academics. It is being the all-around highly involved, strongly academic student, that is the standard. If you find your self under so much pressure and do not listen to your body you could end up in colder water than you started. It is okay to take a break to email someone that you are overexerting yourself and need a break. Not that you can do this for classes, but for extracurriculars, they often understand. I did not take advantage of this during the past semester, which caused problems such as sleep deprivation and stress. It is all about learning how to balance what is enough for yourself. It is also okay to email your professors, especially at a smaller school. They want to get to know you as an individual. If you talk to them about your struggles, you are more likely to create a bond with that professor who will help you get through your academic struggles.

P.S. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE GYM. It is an amazing way for your body to relax. Not to mention you’ll look and feel amazing after the post-workout shower.

Lesson 5 : Take random adventures

Wether it’s a weekend trip or 3am car ride nothing creates a bond stronger than just unplanned adventure. Some of my favorite memories from this semester came from events that where barely planned, if at all. I learned you only really need about 10 minutes to pack a suitcase after all. Do not be afraid to step out of your own boundaries. Your new friends will be there to catch you if you fall. After a laugh of course.

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My Very Favorite Place

My one favorite place doesn’t exist. It  is not my own home or my own bed, like many people my age would say. Rather, it is the places I get to experience the most changes, met the most people, and enhance my understanding. My favorite place is not only one destination, but the places I have been and those I plan to in the future.  They hold a special place in my heart, unlike any other.


It can be crazy realizing that my favorite places are the places I was running around all day and flying on a plane at 5am the next moring. Its even crazier when I started to realize that the places I felt most at home are the ones that I changed every few days. Going from apartment to apartment or from hotel to hotel was where I felt the best.

I’ve never liked to stay still, so that must be where this comes from. I can’t help but think at the same time, the reason I like these quick changes in places to stay is because moving so quickly allows for me to expand and learn more then I would staying in one place. I am lucky enough to  expands my horizon to something new every so often.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I have every so often to hop around the world and explore. I am also thankful for the people i have to do it with. They mean the world to me cause when you  travel with someone theres a whole new side you have not seen of them. And for that I am even more thankful.


My favorite place might not be one singular place, but in reality all the adventures stay in one heart.

-Love Chloe Rene💖





If you are someone close to me, you know that I want nothing more in life then to travel. Travel brings me closer to my own home and the others that surround me. it opens my eyes to new places, things and people. If I am being honest with everyone, I feel like I learn more traveling then by sitting in every classroom. This past summer I learned about over 4 diffrent cities and the cultures that surround them. I learned the basics of 3 different languages, and can not stop speaking them at home! I believe that no one is made to stay in one corner of the world. You wouldn’t only read one page of a book, would you? Travel takes one’s adventures and turns them into fabulous stories. Travel is something to enjoy all throughout your life. You will never run out of stories to tell, and we all know the most interesting things come from what you don’t experience in your everyday life!✈️📍

Sayings I Live By

“Advice from Sea Turtles,

Swim w/ the Current

Be a Good Navigator

Stay Clam Under Pressure

Be Well Traved

Think Long Term

Age Gracefully

Spend Time at the Beach”

  • This is the most recent qoutes I have choosen to live by. I love Sea turtles. They spend their whole lives traveling and adventuring the              seven seas. They know where and when they want to go. They are always in the water, a place I long to be everyday. So yes, I choose to live like a Sea Turtle!


” Life isnt about Waiting for the Storm to Pass; It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain”

  • This was the first quote I ever choose to live by (besides some bible verses). There are many storms in life that everyone deals with beyond our control, but the best thing anyone can do is make the better of it. Anyone can be the sunshine during their own storm or someone elses. This is the joy out of the diversity we all have. We can all be sunshine to ourselves or anyone else if we choose to.


” Never Whine and Be Certain that you do not die without having done Something Wonderful for Humanity.”

  • My mother told me this in a note she wrote to me when I was younger. It sits as the screen saver on my computer ,and something I think everyone should at least think about. Whining lets a brute know your in the neighborhood and no one should have to deal with the pain of a brute. As humans we have been given the gift of the ability to make others happy and do something good for them. I believe we should take ever chance we get to.


“I Can and I Will.”

  • Its alwasy best to believe in yourself!


~ Chloe Rene💖


IMG_1438I mention a lot about my travels outside of the states, but there have also been great travels to many places in the U.S. Most recently I have been to New Orleans, Dallas, and Nashville. I would love to go through and name every single place I have been to in the US, but I do not think there is enough space for that. So, here are a few I have enjoyed the most!


One of my favorite places I have been in the states is Maui, Hawaii. In 2015, I was lucky enough to go on a daily trip to Hawaii. I believe this is where I started to fall in love with taking and being in pictures of the things and places around me. This was also the 1st summer I had Instagram (which probably means something). Hawaii itself has one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The reds and yellows and oranges  descending into the blues of the ocean made me want to never stop watching. Maui also has a beautiful road trip you can take called the road to hanna. In our family jeeps we made the curvy, high trek up the road. Eventually we made it to a space where people where swimming under a water fall. We messed around splashing each other and swimming underneath the waterfall into a cave like area. The beauty of the waterfall canopy was not the only part of this day I remember vividly. Two of my favorite pictures was taken during this trip. Number one being the picture I got jumping off the top of a waterfall during the road trip to hanna. The waterfall wasn’t to huge, and I remember being so happy I had jumped off by the time I had finished. One of my favorite pictures is one that was taken during my trip to Hawaii on National Dance Day (above). My family and I had been playing on the beach all day. Funny story about this beach trip, We decided to go biggie boarding and not only did I get caught under wave after wave. But I also was wearing a strapless bikini. Whoops! Luckily my we where the only ones there!🇺🇸IMG_8072

Another favorite place I have been in the United States is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a history freak, so Philadelphia is obviously one of the best places to visit. I believe I went during 8th grade when we where studying the creation of the modern government (also quite coincidental). During our trip, my father and I went from walking around Independence hall to trying many, many different cheesesteaks. I would say Geno’s had the best.Another food place you have to try if your in philadelphia is the Reading Terminal Market. It is what I found the be the coolest experience the whole time I was there. During my trip I took a lot of pictures, including none other then the one like Rockey when he finished his run around Philly. We went during the fall so not only was the Eastern State Penitentiary open, but it was in halloween mode. My favorite photo from the trip (above) was on a double-decker bus. We spent time on the double decker bus everyday, and I would say its a perfect way to experience Philadelphia.🇺🇸IMG_E9681

The final place I have chosen to write about is Nashville. I have spent countless days in Nashville ever since I was super young. I have been born and raised a Vanderbilt University fan (pictured above) although, I will not choose to go there. I have walked down broadway more then I’ve seen any  broadway productions. I have been to more Vandy football and baseball games then I can even count. And I’ve experienced the culture surrounding my own upbringing in so many different. Nashville is where I get to spend the father daughter time with my dad at all types of sporting events, that every daughter should have. It is where I do my makeup in the car on the way to our  40 yard line season ticket seats. It is where we have friends and a place to stay at anytime. It is truly a city I love with a huge part of my heart. I have had so many great adventures there. One being the past New Years when I got to go to 3 of my favorite restaurants, a Titans Game, and the Midnight Jack Daniels show. The food is amazing there, and so is the experience.🇺🇸








Photographing Greece


Greece. A lovely land of sea and temples. I do not know of a better place to begin when posting pictures I have taken while traveling. I love to live life behind my professional camera as well as in front of it. Being a traveler means I document the places I have been for my friends, family, and others. I find love and joy in doing this for not only myself, but for others around me.IMG_2449 IMG_2551

The historic sites located in Greece are among the oldest and the most interesting in the world. I’ve never been somewhere with so much ancient history located on a single island or in a single city. It is truly amazing the way the Greeks developed art. The temples where mostly made of marble and I have featured 2. The one at the very top features, The Caryatid Porch of the Erechtheion, Athens and the great entrance to the Acropolis of Athens.The photo directly above this text is from the Ancient Agora of Athens. It is a temple called The Temple of Hephaestus (Hephaisteion) Peristyle.Below this text is a photo of the well known Parthenon.

IMG_2576IMG_1898The seas of the Island of Crete are the bluest I have seen. They are not only gorgeous at sunset, but also during the day time.This allows for some stunning pictures to be taken. None of the pictures i have posted have filters so as to allow others to admire them in all of their beauty. The picture above I took the first night we where in Greece. It was taken from the small house we had rented on the island of Crete in the Aylmrida area . The picture below was taken on the beach in Crete we had next to our house. The photo 2nd from the top is from Athens, where we where able to see the lovely veiw from a hill in Athens.



The pictures I was able to take during my first trip to Greece, are among some of my favorites out of the ones I have taken upon getting my camera! I hope y’all enjoy them to!

Photographing Paris,France


Paris is a lovely city full of culture and once in a lifetime experiences. This is why i was so excited to be going here last July. Although it was over 95 degrees in a city not meant for over 80, the pictures and experiences I was able to have are well worth the time.IMG_1457

On one of my first days in Paris, we went to visit The Louvre. The picture above was taken from inside the museum, and the picture below is a featured painting located inside. I took a picture of this painting specifically because I believe this is how a true love shall look at his love. Well,maybe ass some cloths, but you get the idea.


During my trip to Paris, I got the chance to visit the ÎIe de la Cité. This is one of the two island located in the center of Paris itself. This is also the island that the Notre Dame is located one. Below is one of the pictures I took while I was inside. The Notre Dame was as expected. It was beautiful, well taken care of, and full of history.

IMG_1491My favorite view in Paris is the one featured below. My family and I sat by the docks in the city and watched boats go past. The bridge in the picture connects mainland city Paris to the ÎIe de la Cité. If you are every in Paris, I suggest you take the time to sit by the water and enjoy this wonderful view.



Photographing Wales


When visiting Wales you can photograph everything, from delicious delectables to green hills. And both of those are on here. Above is a plate of lamb from Y Tablot. The lamb covered in bread crumbs was the best lamb I have ever had. As you scroll down, you will see pictures of what I believe is one of the greenest places on Earth. I almost felt like I was in the green place of neverland from the Disney Movie Peter Pan.IMG_1784 IMG_1800 IMG_1802