If you are someone close to me, you know that I want nothing more in life then to travel. Travel brings me closer to my own home and the others that surround me. it opens my eyes to new places, things and people. If I am being honest with everyone, I feel like I learn more traveling then by sitting in every classroom. This past summer I learned about over 4 diffrent cities and the cultures that surround them. I learned the basics of 3 different languages, and can not stop speaking them at home! I believe that no one is made to stay in one corner of the world. You wouldn’t only read one page of a book, would you? Travel takes one’s adventures and turns them into fabulous stories. Travel is something to enjoy all throughout your life. You will never run out of stories to tell, and we all know the most interesting things come from what you don’t experience in your everyday life!✈️📍