Q & A w/ #Jensen


What do you get @ starbucks?

Jensen-some kind of Refresher. Normally I get a strawberry acaí ,but lately I’ve been getting the Mango dragon Fruit.

Chloe- I like to mix it up honestly!


What is your favorite shoe brand and why?

Jensen- #CHACONATION. Enough said

Chloe- Keds! They are just sooo easy to travel with.


Favorite place in the city we are in now and why?

Jensen- Cappuccino. Its a really good place to hang out and study. Not to mention the homemade coffee and perfect croissants. Plus they know everyone by name

Chloe- Starbucks! I cannot think of anything else!


What made you want to train Oakley as a therapy dog?

Jensen- It was my SIS (Senior Independent Study). I really just wanted to do something good for other people, and I knew I had a sweet, loving/lovable, and trainable dog already. So, I had a project.


Whats the best friendship bonding thing you can do with others?

Jensen-Coffee Dates. I really think its the perfect time to sit and talk with the other people to get to know them more. And I love coffee, so it’s perfect!

Chloe- I would totally have to agree! Also just going out in nature.

Jensen- I would totally have to agree with that as well!


What is your favorite bible verse and why?

Jensen- Proverbs 17:17. It might be generic, but I believe it is so important to remember.

Chloe- Hebrews 6:19 because I always like to have that little comfortable reminder of hope.


Whats your favorite style of outfit?

Jensen- Just like jeans and a T-shirt, but I will dress up on occasaion!

Chloe- oh Gosh! A nice casual dress!


What is your favorite color & why?

Jensen- Probably light blue. It is such a chill, calming color. It is my zen color.
Chloe- Rosé Gold. Its so fancy and extra you know.


Your favorite place you’ve been & why?

Jensen- London because I love that so many different types of people live in one place. Its a melting pot city that is super artsy and diverse!

Chloe- Greece because of the water & just the feeling of being on an adventure!


What are our favorite things about each other?

Jensen- You’re literally just the most bubbly and kind person that I know! To be such a positive person is really amazing, and I can tell you that others around you see it too.

Chloe- You are just so kind and openly accept others. Its refreshing to meet someone so christ like and uplifting. I am so lucky to have an amazing mentor like you. I know you are going to do great, wonderful things.