Sayings I Live By

“Advice from Sea Turtles,

Swim w/ the Current

Be a Good Navigator

Stay Clam Under Pressure

Be Well Traved

Think Long Term

Age Gracefully

Spend Time at the Beach”

  • This is the most recent qoutes I have choosen to live by. I love Sea turtles. They spend their whole lives traveling and adventuring the              seven seas. They know where and when they want to go. They are always in the water, a place I long to be everyday. So yes, I choose to live like a Sea Turtle!


” Life isnt about Waiting for the Storm to Pass; It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain”

  • This was the first quote I ever choose to live by (besides some bible verses). There are many storms in life that everyone deals with beyond our control, but the best thing anyone can do is make the better of it. Anyone can be the sunshine during their own storm or someone elses. This is the joy out of the diversity we all have. We can all be sunshine to ourselves or anyone else if we choose to.


” Never Whine and Be Certain that you do not die without having done Something Wonderful for Humanity.”

  • My mother told me this in a note she wrote to me when I was younger. It sits as the screen saver on my computer ,and something I think everyone should at least think about. Whining lets a brute know your in the neighborhood and no one should have to deal with the pain of a brute. As humans we have been given the gift of the ability to make others happy and do something good for them. I believe we should take ever chance we get to.


“I Can and I Will.”

  • Its alwasy best to believe in yourself!


~ Chloe Rene💖