Photographing Paris,France


Paris is a lovely city full of culture and once in a lifetime experiences. This is why i was so excited to be going here last July. Although it was over 95 degrees in a city not meant for over 80, the pictures and experiences I was able to have are well worth the time.IMG_1457

On one of my first days in Paris, we went to visit The Louvre. The picture above was taken from inside the museum, and the picture below is a featured painting located inside. I took a picture of this painting specifically because I believe this is how a true love shall look at his love. Well,maybe ass some cloths, but you get the idea.


During my trip to Paris, I got the chance to visit the ÎIe de la Cité. This is one of the two island located in the center of Paris itself. This is also the island that the Notre Dame is located one. Below is one of the pictures I took while I was inside. The Notre Dame was as expected. It was beautiful, well taken care of, and full of history.

IMG_1491My favorite view in Paris is the one featured below. My family and I sat by the docks in the city and watched boats go past. The bridge in the picture connects mainland city Paris to the ÎIe de la Cité. If you are every in Paris, I suggest you take the time to sit by the water and enjoy this wonderful view.