Photographing Greece


Greece. A lovely land of sea and temples. I do not know of a better place to begin when posting pictures I have taken while traveling. I love to live life behind my professional camera as well as in front of it. Being a traveler means I document the places I have been for my friends, family, and others. I find love and joy in doing this for not only myself, but for others around me.IMG_2449 IMG_2551

The historic sites located in Greece are among the oldest and the most interesting in the world. I’ve never been somewhere with so much ancient history located on a single island or in a single city. It is truly amazing the way the Greeks developed art. The temples where mostly made of marble and I have featured 2. The one at the very top features, The Caryatid Porch of the Erechtheion, Athens and the great entrance to the Acropolis of Athens.The photo directly above this text is from the Ancient Agora of Athens. It is a temple called The Temple of Hephaestus (Hephaisteion) Peristyle.Below this text is a photo of the well known Parthenon.

IMG_2576IMG_1898The seas of the Island of Crete are the bluest I have seen. They are not only gorgeous at sunset, but also during the day time.This allows for some stunning pictures to be taken. None of the pictures i have posted have filters so as to allow others to admire them in all of their beauty. The picture above I took the first night we where in Greece. It was taken from the small house we had rented on the island of Crete in the Aylmrida area . The picture below was taken on the beach in Crete we had next to our house. The photo 2nd from the top is from Athens, where we where able to see the lovely veiw from a hill in Athens.



The pictures I was able to take during my first trip to Greece, are among some of my favorites out of the ones I have taken upon getting my camera! I hope y’all enjoy them to!