IMG_1438I mention a lot about my travels outside of the states, but there have also been great travels to many places in the U.S. Most recently I have been to New Orleans, Dallas, and Nashville. I would love to go through and name every single place I have been to in the US, but I do not think there is enough space for that. So, here are a few I have enjoyed the most!


One of my favorite places I have been in the states is Maui, Hawaii. In 2015, I was lucky enough to go on a daily trip to Hawaii. I believe this is where I started to fall in love with taking and being in pictures of the things and places around me. This was also the 1st summer I had Instagram (which probably means something). Hawaii itself has one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The reds and yellows and oranges ¬†descending into the blues of the ocean made me want to never stop watching. Maui also has a beautiful road trip you can take called the road to hanna. In our family jeeps we made the curvy, high trek up the road. Eventually we made it to a space where people where swimming under a water fall. We messed around splashing each other and swimming underneath the waterfall into a cave like area. The beauty of the waterfall canopy was not the only part of this day I remember vividly. Two of my favorite pictures was taken during this trip. Number one being the picture I got jumping off the top of a waterfall during the road trip to hanna. The waterfall wasn’t to huge, and I remember being so happy I had jumped off by the time I had finished. One of my favorite pictures is one that was taken during my trip to Hawaii on National Dance Day (above). My family and I had been playing on the beach all day. Funny story about this beach trip, We decided to go biggie boarding and not only did I get caught under wave after wave. But I also was wearing a strapless bikini. Whoops! Luckily my we where the only ones there!🇺🇸IMG_8072

Another favorite place I have been in the United States is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a history freak, so Philadelphia is obviously one of the best places to visit. I believe I went during 8th grade when we where studying the creation of the modern government (also quite coincidental). During our trip, my father and I went from walking around Independence hall to trying many, many different cheesesteaks. I would say Geno’s had the best.Another food place you have to try if your in philadelphia is the Reading Terminal Market. It is what I found the be the coolest experience the whole time I was there. During my trip I took a lot of pictures, including none other then the one like Rockey when he finished his run around Philly. We went during the fall so not only was the Eastern State Penitentiary open, but it was in halloween mode. My favorite photo from the trip (above) was on a double-decker bus. We spent time on the double decker bus everyday, and I would say its a perfect way to experience Philadelphia.🇺🇸IMG_E9681

The final place I have chosen to write about is Nashville. I have spent countless days in Nashville ever since I was super young. I have been born and raised a Vanderbilt University fan (pictured above) although, I will not choose to go there. I have walked down broadway more then I’ve seen any ¬†broadway productions. I have been to more Vandy football and baseball games then I can even count. And I’ve experienced the culture surrounding my own upbringing in so many different. Nashville is where I get to spend the father daughter time with my dad at all types of sporting events, that every daughter should have. It is where I do my makeup in the car on the way to our ¬†40 yard line season ticket seats. It is where we have friends and a place to stay at anytime. It is truly a city I love with a huge part of my heart. I have had so many great adventures there. One being the past New Years when I got to go to 3 of my favorite restaurants, a Titans Game, and the Midnight Jack Daniels show. The food is amazing there, and so is the experience.🇺🇸